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Infosys Digital Business revenue to cross 50% of total Infosys revenue: Salil Parekh

Infosys Digital Business revenue to cross 50% of total Infosys revenue: Salil Parekh

Infosys CEO Salil Parekh said that revenue from digital side will soon cross 50% of total Infosys revenue. Even at present, Infosys digital business revenue is around 40% of total Infosys revenue. This is a result of a large number of client wins who are investing in digital technologies. Thanks to the high demand for newer and latest digital technologies, the revenue and investment has already seen contraction in core business using legacy applications. That contraction can be offset against growth in digital technologies.

Infosys CEO said that there is work and there is a high demand from the client side. The only way to win their trust is to provide them solutions using digital technologies. He said that the focus is on winning large deals accompanied with investment in digital technologies. Going in this direction will certainly help to build a better roadmap for the coming years. There is an increase of 56% in large deals compared to the previous nine months. Apart from digital area, cloud is another zone where there is huge demand and investment. Almost every client is asking for cloud service now-a-days. This is also a big reason why Infosys digital business revenue is ever increasing.

How is Infosys dealing with this transition

The major task to support this transition is to have employees trained into these new technologies. This task has been in progress via Re-skilling of the employees. Infosys already have their own in-house training platform Lex. As per the data, almost 200,00 of Infosys employees are using their app for their learning and certification. In the last quarter, about 130,000 employees took some course-work from Lex. During weekdays, people do almost 35 minutes of training, on weekends almost 60 minutes. Because people are getting reskilled, there is demand for them to get on projects. Both these activities have to be done simultaneously. Clients demand for investment in latest technologies and Infosys being ready with such trained employees.

Speaking about VISA concerns, he said that we have added 12,000 new recruits in India. We also have a large number of applications (for US visas) still going on. There are a lot of opportunities in markets such as Europe, Canada and Australia, and we have a lot of those available for employees. However in the coming months, there can be some hard time with the US election results. This was the situation during the previous US elections too. But after the elections, the immigration process becomes smoother and the same is expected this time also.

For now the focus is on the growth side. And looking at the recent quarterly results, Infosys has increased is guidance for the next quarter and there are many positive aspects in various segments and service offerings like retail, manufacturing.

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