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WhatsApp adds another feature ‘Catalogs’ which will help small enterprises to showcase their products

WhatsApp adds another feature ‘Catalogs’ which will help small enterprises to showcase their products

Social messaging platform WhatsApp rolls out a new feature called as ‘Catalogs’ on WhatsApp Business App. This feature will help various business enterprises to display photographs of their different products which customers are interested into.

This feature is intended to make products browsing easier. This feature is currently being rolled out into India, US and Indonesia.

‘Catalogs’ will be a mobile store front for businesses which will easily help them to display their products so that people can easily learn about them and discover something which they want to buy.

Instead of businesses sending one product and its information at a time which is time consuming, now through ‘Catalogs’, the customers can browse their complete ‘Catalog’ at a time.This will provide a more professional look to their business.

“The catalog feature is available today to businesses using the WhatsApp Business app on both Android and iPhone in Brazil, Germany, India, Indonesia, Mexico, the UK and the US,” it said adding that it will be rolled out in other parts of the world soon. The feature had been announced at Facebook’s annual developers’ meet F8 in May this year.

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WhatsApp on Wednesday unveils a new feature which will enable users to decide who can add them to groups.

How to enable this feature:

  1. Go to settings in your app
  2. Tap Account> Privacy > Groups
  3. Select one of three options: ‘Everyone,’ ‘My Contacts,’ or ‘My Contacts Except’

‘My Contacts’ means contacts we have in our contact list and ‘My Contacts Except’ means we can select or de-select some contacts from contact list who can add us to the group

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