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Telenet picks Infosys to drive its Digital Transformation journey

Telenet picks Infosys to drive its Digital Transformation journey

  • Infosys wins a five year contract from Telenet for its digital and data transformation program
  • The two giants have already shared a 19 year old relationship in various IT services

Telenet picks Infosys as its strategic and preferred partner to provide various IT services around digital transformation and data initiatives. The deal has been awarded to Infosys for a period of next five years. Infosys is a global leader in providing consulting, technology and next-generation services to a large number of clients. Telenet on the other hand is a Belgian company involved in providing telecommunication services. In this digital world, no company want to lag behind in providing digital services to its customers. With that thought in mind, Telenet want to leverage Infosys’ experience in providing these services.

As a part of this deal, Infosys can provide a range of services to Telenet like simplification of the existing Telenet architecture and service delivery flow, build and enhance digital and data capabilities etc. Using the data analysis potential, Infosys can help Telenet in getting meaningful insights from the existing data. This would enable Telenet to take intelligent business decision about providing better customer services. Telecommunication service providers have to make sure that their services are up and running 24*7. Using the existing data on the past failures and errors, these service providers can eliminate such kind of instances.

What is Infosys offering to Telenet

  • Digital and Data Transformation: To help Telenet become lean and flat and become fully digitally transformed enterprise. Infosys will provide end-to-end digital transformation service in this front.
  • Agile Enablement: Quality delivery with high speed is the talk of the digital world. And Agile Methodology is the solution. Infosys will help Telenet in achieving these objective by implementing Agile way of working.

Infosys delivery on above points will also enable Telenet to be updated in terms of relevant digital and data skills. This deal will help Telenet in saving cost on IT operations and reducing the number of existing IT applications. This is not the first time that these two companies have entered into a partnership. Both these giants are already in a 19 year old relationship during which Infosys has managed Telenet’s legacy IT landscape.

Anand Swaminathan, EVP – Global Head of Communications, Media & Technology at Infosys, said, “Infosys is excited to support Telenet in its journey of transforming into a digital enterprise. For nearly two decades, our partnership has helped Telenet become more agile and responsive to their customers. This digital transformation project will provide Telenet’s employees access to relevant insights and help them attract and retain customers by delivering fresh digital experiences.” Telenet source said that they are happy about the extension of this relationship. Infosys is already a reliable partner and they are very hopeful of the advances and opportunities that this deal will bring in digital and data fronts.

More Info About Telenet

Telenet group is a Belgian based entertainment and telecommunication service provider. They provide Internet services, telephony services, digital television etc. They serves the markets in Belgium and Luxemburg.

Also Read: Digital skills to decide salaries and hikes at Infosys

While the IT sector is embarking on its digital enablement journey, Infosys has already taken a step ahead on this route. Infosys has decided to link hike and salaries to digital skills an employee has acquired. As per the plan, it has decided to give incentives to almost 25000 mid level executives who gains skills in digital areas.

Most of the major IT service firms are struggling with reducing revenues an business from traditional skill sets. Clients are also reluctant to provide big deals in the absence of new digital skills. There are various new skill sets like Cloud, Big Data, Agile, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. IT firms are training their employees in these skill sets which has given growth in double digits.

Infosys has launched a digital tab which is awarded to an employee once he gets trained in one or more of these digital skills. Then these employees are given quarterly incentives. Also the companies gets better billing rates or such digitally enabled employees.

Today even the mid level managers need to directly deal with the clients for problem solving and taking business decisions. Experts working on re-skilling fronts identified four areas that can provide potential benefits:

  • First one is the digital skills where employees needs to be trained
  • Second is to ensure that employees are agile enabled
  • Third is to become an expert in their own area/skill set
  • Fourth aspect is to become a consultant

Upskilling Mid-level managers enables a company like Infosys to adopt a consultative approach. This gives the company two benefits: being future ready and giving commercial visibility of the resource. IT majors are already facing a crunch of big deals from majority of the clients due to various issues like cost cutting, Brexit and US-China trade war. During such times, getting trained in digital areas not only benefits the company but the employee as well.

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