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OnePlus launched ‘OnePlus bug bounty program’, will offer big prize if you can find bugs in their product

OnePlus launched ‘OnePlus bug bounty program’, will offer big prize if you can find bugs in their product

OnePlus has taken two major steps in a bid to enhance the security features in their products. This decision came after OnePlus reported two issues in last two years. First, OnePlus has announced ‘OnePlus bug bounty program’ by which any security expert or user can report bugs or issues in their products. Apart from this, they have also partnered with HackerOne to identify any security related issues that might impact the users. Any user, security expert or researcher can report the issues through the official website of OnePlus. They will also be creating a leader board which will display the top 3 contributors on the bug bounty program main page.

As par of the bug bounty program, OnePlus will offer a maximum amount of $7000 to those who will discover and report threats in OnePlus products. In this initiative, they will involve security professionals and experts to discover, disclose and provide solution to the issues that could possibly impact users. This proactive step will prevent the threats the users face in terms of the misuse of their data. The exact amount to be paid will depend on the severity and potential impact of the bugs. As per OnePlus reward information, it will offer rewards according to the following tiers:

  • Special cases: up to $7,000
  • Critical: $750–$1,500
  • High: $250–$750
  • Medium: $100–$250
  • Low: $50–$100

“OnePlus truly values the privacy of all information our customers entrust to us. The two projects demonstrate OnePlus’ commitment to protect our users’ data through more secure systems and data life-cycles”, OnePlus founder and CEO Pete Lau said.

Their partnership with HackerOne will also invite highly qualifies security experts to exploit OnePlus’ systems and find any security related vulnerability. This initiative will remove such vulnerabilities and hence avoid any changes of the misuse by external users.

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