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Microsoft to roll out new cloud tool to help businesses analyse huge data

Microsoft to roll out new cloud tool to help businesses analyse huge data

Microsoft on Monday announced a new facility which will help large business houses to effectively use their huge amount of data currently stored in their traditional systems.

Microsoft will be rolling out this new software, The Azure Synapse, at an event to be held in Florida. This new software is part of Microsoft Azure which is cloud computing solution by Microsoft and a reason behind Microsoft’s share rise since last five years. This will help companies to build software which will analyse their huge volumes of data and enable them in taking better business decisions like digital marketing, reaching out to customers based on the demand etc.

According to Rohan Kumar, the corporate vice president of Azure Data, Azure Synapse aims to solve two major problems of the large companies:

  • In IT language, the data is at fronts – one is back-end where the data is stored neatly in row and column format. The other is front end where the data is entered in alphanumeric fashion which is recorded in large string of numbers and time stamps. This synapse tool is designed to handle both type of data.
  • Synapse system is capable of automatically handling the tasks of building systems to analyse data which will reduce the manual work by developers and designers. Deutsch Bank (DBKGn.DE) and Unilever (ULVR.L) are among the customers testing the system, Microsoft said.

It is expected that this new facility will help to complete projects within a day which normally take multiple months.

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