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Infosys launches Cyber Next platform powered by Microsoft Azure Sentinel

Infosys launches Cyber Next platform powered by Microsoft Azure Sentinel

Infosys, a global leader and country’s second largest software exporter announced that it has launched Cyber Next platform which will offer enhanced security monitoring, management, threat detection and response services to enterprises. Cyber Next platform is powered by Microsoft Azure Sentinel. Azure is the cloud computing solution provided by Microsoft and is one of the major cloud service provider in the market.

What is Microsoft Azure Sentinel

Microsoft Azure Sentinel is a cloud based Security Information Event Management (SIEM) and Security Orchestration Automated Response (SOAR) solution. It helps enterprises in generating security analytics and intelligent threat information across the enterprise. It detects, prevents and responds to data threats across the enterprise. With Azure Sentinel’s advanced Artificial Intelligence and security analytics features, this strategic partnership with Microsoft will significantly boost Infosys’ threat detection and response capabilities.

What is Infosys Offering through Cyber Next Platform

Through this deal, Infosys will be offering a range of enhanced security services to many of its clients. Cyber Next Platform will provide Managed Security Solutions to the clients. These include round the clock monitoring, life cycle management, incident investigations and real time threat intelligence for SIEM enrichment.

Infosys’ extensive security operations, managed security service capabilities, and a rich library of use cases, play books and pre-defined rules for ready ITSM integration, will help clients optimise Security Operations Centre (SOC) efficiency and maturity.

“We are developing next-generation platform-based offerings that leverage Azure Sentinel to help customers simplify their security operations, and scale as they grow. The core functionalities offered by Azure Sentinel aligns with our philosophy of ‘diagnose, design, deliver and defend’ for leapfrogging the cyber security maturity model, and leveraging intelligent analytics for effective SOC operations, said Vishal Salvi, CISO & Head Cyber Security Practice, Infosys.”

Ann Johnson, corporate vice president, Cyber security Solutions Group, Microsoft Corp. said, “We have a responsibility to bring new cyber security capabilities to our customers. By combining the strengths of the Microsoft security portfolio with Infosys service offerings, enterprises are able to better manage their security posture and navigate the changing threat landscape by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence.”

This collaboration is very beneficial to the enterprises. Because this deal combines the expertise of Infosys in service offerings and strength of Microsoft’s portfolio to strengthen the process of risk profiling and prioritising. This will help in managing the threats and risk effectively. The overall idea behind this alliance is to provide a stable platform and solution to effectively address end-to-end threat detection and response management problems.

Cloud computing has already made its way into the list of major skills sets for IT professionals. It is becoming a very important architecture for any IT or non-IT company. There are many cloud service providers and Microsoft Azure is one of them. Leading companies across the globe are choosing Microsoft Azure to implement cloud architecture.

More Info about Microsoft Azure Sentinel

As we already discussed, Microsoft Azure Sentinel provides analysis and intelligence around risks and threats to enterprises. Below section highlights the major activities that it perform to generate such intelligent data points:

1) Collect data at cloud scale – The first step is to collect and gather data from users, devices, application and infrastructure components from on-premises or any other clouds.
2) Detect previously undetected threats – Any false reporting or undetected reporting of threats are being analysed using Microsoft Analytics and then tries to reduce such occurrences.
3) Investigate threats with artificial intelligence – Based on the data collected, it uses AI mechanism to investigate the threats and find out suspicious activities.
4) Respond to incidents rapidly – Once the threats are identified and investigates, it uses automation tools and responds to the threats quickly.

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