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‘Aapli Aaji’ You Tube Channel

‘Aapli Aaji’ You Tube Channel

Maharashtra’s Aapli Aaji Suman Dhamne became a you tube star – channel crosses 6 lakh subscribers

Maharashtra’s Suman Dhamne, a 70 year old grand mother became a you tube sensation due to her recipes. Even though she does not does have a proper schooling and education, but she still managed to run her you tube channel ‘Aapli Aaji’. This channel has over 6 lakh subscribers in 6 months.

The journey started when her grandson asked her for a pav bhaji and made her watch some videos to prepare the same. After watching some videos, grand mom just said that she can make a better pav bhaji. After trying grandma made pav bhaji, the idea struck in his mind and he started the you tube channel.

The first video was to prepare was a bitter gourd recipe. The recipe got viewers and then there was no stopping and they kept on adding videos for other recipes as well. As of now there are more than 120 recipe videos and viewers love the color of the food items and spices.

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